Children's Spanish Lessons


Primary Children Spanish lessons
Contains this information and more: 
Spanish for Young Children
Little Explorers English - Spanish Dictionary
Use this dictionary to surf the web.

Spanish Numbers
Just move your mouse over the numbers to hear them spoken and spelled out.

Viva Spanish
Spanish lessons from a primary school, for small children K-4.

Zoom School Mexico
Simple lessons about Mexico for young children.
We're so sure you'll be back to buy our Complete CD-ROM Course that we're giving you this Free CD-ROM with 19 Free lessons that are not available on the website. To get your copy, you just pay $6.95 for shipping and handling in the US or $9.95 for International orders!
Free online Spanish lessons: 
Learn to Count in Spanish!
Learn your Colors in Spanish!
Learn names of clothing in Spanish!
Learn Zoo Animals in Spanish!
Learn Farm Animals in Spanish

The Spanish course for kids at 123TeachMe covers : Numbers, Colors, 
Fruit, Geography, Rooms in the house, Fast food, Holidays, including birthdays 
Clothing, Animals 
Videos and online games, like word searches and drag-and-match games, supplement the vocabulary taught in the lessons. Graphics are vibrant and large, making it easy for young kids to navigate the site. Few directions or explanations are needed to do most of the activities, making this a great starter course for children just learning to read.
The Spanish Online Learning site provides 45 lessons that are appropriate for kids grades 5 and up with good reading skills and a grasp of English grammar rules. Scroll to the lower half of the page to find all of the lessons in order. Vocabulary covered includes religious words, people identifiers, days, months, seasons, colors, greetings, geography, and more. Conjugation, verb tense, subjunctive, and other parts of grammar are also covered.

Almost every lesson includes both a worksheet and a quiz. Audio clips are included with most lessons, and kids will like seeing the brightly colored graphics and funny characters on the lesson pages. Several downloads are available at a low-cost if you wish to further your learning beyond the free courses.
Literacy center: play & learn Spanish, English, German, French
We started the LiteracyCenter.Net with a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract from the U S Department of Education. Today, it dynamically serves as many as 1.5 million free lessons a day to children in more than two hundred countries. Many ask why the LiteracyCenter.Net is free. Our answer is simple. We have a dream that all children will be able to access the same high-quality, research-based, education material.
Review or learn Spanish with interactive lessons




Color activities and flashcards in Spanish


Kid’s Corner Language Learning Spanish for Kids – 6 free lessons, more available for purchase.


123TeachMe has online Spanish learning materials for grammar, vocabulary, verb conjugations, and more.

Drag-n-Match: Spanish Fruit and Vegetable Names

Spanish Fruit and Vegetable Game

Shopping at a Spanish Market: Fruit and Vegetable Vocabulary