Un Elefante Song Grammar Lesson


This children's song was learned at the Spanish 1 level in order to practice numbers, however there are several good grammar examples of conjugation that may help you remember certain endings and forms.


Note: the first verse is slightly different because of the conjugation of verbs into the plural forms, but the rest are the same. Each verse continues consecutively through numbers one through ten. They fall down when the tenth elephant climbs aboard.
Un elefante
Se columpiaba
(notice the use of the AR Imperfect ending – aba)
Por una tela de araña.  VER          RESISTIR
Còmo veìa que resistìa, ( 2 examples of  ER/IR Imperfect ending – ía)
Fuè a llamar    (Preterite form of the verb to go: IR)
Otro elefante.

Dos elefantes
Se columpiaban
Por una tela de araña.
Còmo veìan que resestìan




Listen to "Elefantes" online:


Fueron a llamar
Otro elefante. .