Saber & Conocer

In Spanish, there are two verbs that express the idea "to know." These two verbs are "saber" and "conocer." The verb you choose depends upon the context in which it is used.

The same sort of situation exists with respect to the two Spanish verbs pedir and preguntar. They both mean "to ask" but they are not interchangeable.



THE USE OF SABER OR CONOCERWrite S for Saber or C for Conocer to indicate the proper translation of “know.”    


___ 1. I know her. ___ 2. You know where her house is located. ___ 3. We know how to write. ___ 4. He knows the principal’s name. ___ 5. They don’t know the teacher. ___ 6. All of you know Spanish.


  Underline the correct verb according to the meaning..  1.     (Sabemos, Concocemos)  dónde está la escuela.  2.     ¿ (Sabe, Conoce)  usted la fecha de mi cumpleaños?  3.     Ellos no  (saben, conocen)  al director.  4.     Él  (sabe, conoce)  el color de mi coche.  5.     Yo no  (sé, conozco)  a todos mis parientes.  6.     ¿Quién  (sabe, conoce)  a la secretaria de la escuela?