Topics for Teaching Children Spanish

A fun, friendly class with learning games. Songs from previous lessons are reviewed and alphabet sounds build upon each other throughout the year, although each class invites participation and can stand on it's own.
I use music extensively to teach Spanish. Music, songs, dances, and games are fun methods to learn a foreign language. Music has a way of assisting you in retaining information, making memorization much easier! Introduction to simple phrases and polite expressions are practiced and taught through repetition, music, culture, games, listening and reading literature. Not only will they learn songs, but many of the lyrics can be used in later years to explain grammatical structures and syntax. They will gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures, which encourages acceptance and tolerance, which many value during this time of wars.

TOPICS: We will be touching on each subject at different times, with a vocabulary review, etc… in order to keep the class interesting.



Learning to read


Song: Cinco Letras

Song: La Mar Estaba Serena




simple commands “Hello” “Goodbye” “How are you today?”’

Hello Song: Hola

Getting to know you.

How do I introduce myself.

How do I introduce myself in Spanish.

Me llamo game (foam sponge toss)

Song: Fray Felipe (Are You Sleeping?)

Song: Buenos Días



simple words and phrases “How are you today?” “Very well.”

How are you feeling today?” Happy, sad, excited, etc.

Song: Sonrisas - Smiles

(If you chance to meet a frown)

Expressions: facial expressions: Guess how I feel in Spanish

Song: La Muñeca Fea



Cultural Lesson: Mexican Muralists, Diego Rivera , Jose Clemente Orozco, David Alfaro Siqueiros

(Using Turtle Bay Museum Art Portfolio Resources)

Activity: Students create a mural with a self portrait.





Outdoor activities

Song: El Barco Chiquito

Song: La Rana (Advanced)

Song: El Chorrito

Song: La pequeña araña

Song: Abuelito Dime Tú



Song: La Vibora de la Mar

Game: Spanish London Bridges

Song: La Rueda de San Miguel

Game: Spanish Ring Around the Rosie

Mexican legends & stories

Mexico’s Independence Day vs. cinco de mayo

Revolutionary Era Folksong: La Cucaracha

Song: De Colores

Story of the emblem of the flag of Mexico

Activity: Make the flag of Mexico

Tortillas & Quesadillas

Pat-a-Cake: Tortillitas

Mexican folk dances; La Raspa, El Jarabe Tapatio, La Negra



Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, brown, white, and gray

Read aloud book: Colores

Coloring game

Color activities

colorful frostings for cookies




Number songs

My telephone number – mi numero de telefono

Greetings, answering the phone, who is it, just a minute,

Song: Counting Elephants "Un elefante se columpiaba..."

Ichi Ni San (The Japanese Song)




Days of the week


Holidays, Birthdays

Song: La Canción de los Días



Vocabulary: I like it. I do not like it.

Me gusta, no me gusta

Things I like to do.

Game: Juan Pirulero

Song: Arroz con Leche



phrases for use with the family

Members of the family

Song: I Love My Family

Story: Yo Amo a Mi Familia

Story: La Casa de Tio Totío

Song: Di Por Que Abuelita

This is My House, you may bring photos or items of interest. It can be about your immediate, extended family, or an ancestor. Share stories about family

Latin Artist: Carmen Garza Lanza – Mi Familia

Cards: My Family Culture

La Rueda de San Miguel song



Vocabulary: Invitations Places & Addresses

My address (numbers review)

Read aloud book: El Autobus

Game: left & right (izquierda & derecha) follow the leader

Map skills

Song: La Canción de los Días



What is the weather?

song: El barquito

Las Estaciones (Seasons)

Dormir, Dormir (warming up nursery rhyme)

Tortillitas (Pat-a-cake)





Storybook: ¿Qué es un Huggles?

Game: Game: Wolf! Are you there?

storybook: Los Globos (animals; irregular verb querer)

Song: La Vaca Lechera

Song: Una Vieja Que Yo Conocía (Advanced)



Song: El Sapo se cayó

Song: La Víbora de la Mar



Song: Mi perrita colli

Share about your pet at home.




storybook: La Comida (birds)

Song: Patito Patito

Song: Los Pollitos Dicen

Storybook: Pollito Pillón

Song: La Patita

Song: De Colores




Game: I'm wearing... Llevo...

What am I wearing?

Song: El Zapatero

Song: Tengo Una Muneca

storybook: Sombreros, Gorras y Cachuchas

Song: Pin Pon




What color is my clothing? (adjectives)

Color Race





Simon says game

repeat instructions: Commands

Song: Juan Pirulero (Follow the Leader song)




Song: La Rueda de San Miguel game

Charades game with occupations

Song: Mata rile rile ro





Sandwich vocabulary

Build your own sandwich in Spanish

Story: El Sandwich Más Grande Jamás

Fruit Salad

Game: Naranja Dulce

Tea Party

The Silverware Song: Cuchillo, Cuchara, Tenedor

Tortillas & Quesadillas

Veggie Dip



Nouns: gender

Articles: plural & singular

Adjectives: placement, what is syntax

Verbs: conjugation

grammar stories:

Vamos a remar (Verbs: Things I like to do)

Yo Amo a Mi Familia (verb conjugation: Yo)

Yo Puedo Brincar (Verb Conjugation: Yo)

Bajan al Pueblo (Verb conjugation: ellos)

Llaman a la puerta (Verb conjugation: ellos)

Los Niños (Verb conjugation: ellos)

Anita y su Mamá (irregular verb: ser)

Los Globos (animals; irregular verb querer)

Sara Sarita (Verb Conjugation - Preterite)

Gato y Perro (Verb Conjugation: Future)

Gato y Perro (Verb Conjugation: Future)