LOCATION: On the western Pacific coast of South America, south of Ecuador & Colombia, west of Brazil & Bolivia, north of Chile


MONETARY UNIT: Nuevo Sol, made up of 100 céntimos.

2.36 Peruvian nuevo soles = 1 U.S. dollar in 1996


HISTORY: The Inca were a theocratic empire, whose emperor was worshipped as a god. Extensive gold & silver deposits made the area a target for the Spanish conquistadores. Spain ruled the land beginning in the 1500’s. Revolts for independence began in 1780’s. In 1995, archeologist found 500 year old remains of 2 Inca women and an Inca man and discovered the people had lived in tents, not just stone houses.


FOODS: Potato capital of the world – has mountainous terrain where a large variety of potatoes are grown. Cheese pie, pickled raw fish, shrimp soup, barbecued beef, sautéed beef, steak with cheese sauce, Empanaditas de Queso (cheese turnovers)


GOVERNMENT: The South American hero, patriot, and soldier José de San Martin brought independence in 1821. José de San Martin is known throughout South America, instrumental in many of the South American countries. Numerous wars, conflicts, demonstrations, and unrest continued with dictators and military groups controlling Peruvians. Alberto Fujimori, elected as President in 1990, gave blanket amnesty in June 1995 for all human rights abuses in the past, which angered many citizens. The unrest continues.


EDUCATION: Adult literacy was 42% in 1940, in 1990 was said to be at 85%. Free and compulsory school for ages 6-15.



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a blog dedicated to disseminate one of the world’s best cuisines: the peruvian. Here you will find soups, salads, starters, main courses, desserts, liquors… Peruvian cuisine is considered one of the most diverse in the world. Thanks to its pre-Inca and Inca heritage and to Spanish, Basque, African, Sino-Cantonese, Japanese and finally Italian, French and British immigration (mainly throughout the 19th century), Peruvian cuisine combines the flavors of four continents.






Peru gave the potato to the world, and Peruvians use many varieties in their cuisine, as well as tropical fruits and vegetables. (recipes even available to read in Spanish)



Yma Sumac, Peruvian Singer

Yma Sumac, a mystery unsolved even today, is the only singer known to possess close to a staggering 5 octave voice. More amazing, is that Yma Sumac had NO formal training!Around the age of 9 she could often be seen high atop a mountain in the High Andes singing ancient Peruvian folkloric songs, to a group of rocks, which she pretended was her audience. 




Digging at Peru's Cerro Mejía

December 4, 2009

by Donna Nash