Build a Great Singing Voice

Singing songs is a great way to learn and retain information. Here are some sites that contain information from professionals so you won’t harm your voice and can help you improve your singing experience.


VOCALIST.ORG (Vocal Singing Exercises & Scales )

Free vocal singing exercises online complete with midi scales to help you practice, plus singers articles and links to sites offering vocal exercises. When you have mastered your breathing, the following free singing exercises will help you on the path to improving and understanding your voice. The key to a good rehearsal is to ensure that you achieve the following before starting:

VOCALIST.ORG (Exercises for Singers)

Learn to sing with vocalists exercises for singers aimed at the complete beginner and as "jargon" free as possible. They have been split into different sections which include breathing, fitness, pitch (ear training), posture and vocal exercises to allow for extra information to be added. Each section also contains links to related articles and external links to resources, lessons and further advice on each subject. If you are a complete novice start with our article on Singing Practise which explains why singers need to practise with suggestions on practise length.

Tips & Exercises for Getting a Great Voice!
The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary in Manhattan

• The following PDFs are available
Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR) Tips
• Voice Conservation and Vocal Hygiene Tips
• Vocal Warm Ups
• Presentation Skills

A Dozen Voice Training Exercises
And some other bits of advice from

The Luvvit Company as an accompaniment to several Further Education and Continuing Education college courses in and around Birmingham UK

Breathing Exercises, Voice Lessons, Vocal Power

Learn how to breathe properly from 25 year Veteran Vocal Coach, Jonathan Morgan Jenkins. In all his years, he’s never had someone breathe properly.

Voice Lessons, Sing and Speak with Clear Diction

Communicating clearly when you speak & sing by following advice from 25 year Veteran Vocal Coach, Jonathan Morgan Jenkins.

Voice Lessons, Proper Posture, Breathing Correctly

Learn how something as simple as Proper Posture can affect how you Sing, Speak or just to present yourself to other people in a powerful manner, from 25 year Veteran Vocal Coach, Jonathan Morgan Jenkins.

Interpretation - The Origin of Powerful Performance

from 25 year Veteran Vocal Coach, Jonathan Morgan Jenkins

Singing Voice Exercises That Can Literally Double Your Range

Vocal Exercises -
Build a Great Singing Voice!

1) Singing Power
2) Extending Your Vocal Range
3) Vocal Flexibility and Accuracy
4) How to Develop Your Vibrato
5) Sustaining Your Voice When Singing
6) Developing a Smooth Voice